Catharine Toso romantic_relationshipsRomantic relationships can be a really rewarding and fun experience. Some relationships last months, and some can last a lifetime. If you want a long-lasting relationship here are a few tips to build and maintain a healthy romantic relationship.

Be open. It is really important to be open with your new or current relationship because that will build a sense of trust and honesty with them. If you can be open with your partner, most likely you both will feel comfortable with each other. It’s a win-win!

Explore your interests together. This can be a great bonding experience whether those interests are the same or different. If they are different, it can be a chance to grow and try something new. It can be like a fun to do list. Some examples are: riding a horse, going to Brazil, or trying a new cuisine for the first time.

Check in with each other. It is really important to see how your partner is doing emotionally. This can be a good time to review or change the way you do things. A lot of couples break up because they do not know how to communicate. Checking also shows your partner you care about them and their feelings.

If there are conflicts, talk to each other. Listening to each others side of the story without interruptions will help each other feel heard. Try to understand your partner’s perspective, it can also give you insight into how they think. People also just want to be heard.

Spend time apart from each other. This may sound strange, but it is very important in a long term relationship. As they say, separation makes the heart grow fonder. Develop your own interest separate from your spouse. If you spend too much time with them you’ll find things to pick at or fight about. That will create tension and unhappiness, which is not good if you want to stay together. Having separate interest can intrigue one and make for good dinner table talk.

Make the time you spend together count! Have fun with your loved one. What’s the point of it all if you don’t have fun with each other. Play, explore, and be in the moment.