catharine toso benefits of child psychology therapy blog

You may think that childhood is a time of idyllic innocence and happiness and that any problems your child may face will be the kinds of things that a hug and a little sympathy can fix. You may think that child psychologists are only for the kind of “bad seed” children that you see in movies or TV shows.

The reality is that children can be confused, anxious and troubled in their own very unique ways, and they can benefit enormously from appropriate therapy. Early intervention by a child psychologist can mean the difference between a stable, well-adjusted child and a child that struggles for the rest of his or her life.

Children are particularly prone to emotional disturbances when there are disruptive changes in their lives. Divorce, moving to a new home or school, or the death of a loved one may all be difficult for a child to handle. Their mental well-being can also be derailed by abuse in the home, bullying or ostracism at school, and financial stress in the family.

A child psychologist will observe and evaluate your child’s behavior, explore his or her emotions, and discover the ways in which the child perceives the world. From here, the therapist can use techniques that are specifically designed to be effective with children. Your child will come to better understand the world around him and more successfully interact with the people in that world. He will learn coping skills to deal with the specific circumstances in his life that are causing him to struggle.

Along with your child, the psychologist will be helping you. You will come to understand the challenges your child is facing and how you play into the situation. You will be given tools and taught to use them to help your child navigate her world. Productive therapy can bring you and your child closer as you both explore new ways of interacting with and understanding each other.

We all have children in our lives that we care for. We are parents, grandparents, teachers, coaches, aunts and uncles, brothers and sisters. It is difficult to see a child that is unhappy, fearful, or hurting, and it is important to know that there is help available. The benefits of therapy with a child psychologist can be profound, and the reward is to see a troubled child blossom into a happy, confident youngster.